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For young engineering graduates, it’s always great to get a job that has a lot to do with engineering specialisations gained.

Sadly, the problem with the industry today is this – too many engineers working on non-engineering jobs. It doesn’t need to be this way. Why pick up a job you aren’t supposed to be doing, when the job you seek is only a matter of being at the right place at the right time – and that is ibridgejobs – the right place, the right time!

Connecting you with your kind of engineering companies, as an engineering graduate with 0-1 years of work experience, take up a job that actually interests you.

Answer few simple questions about your skill sets, education and areas of interest to get your CV created with us, and apply to companies that are hiring for your kind of jobs. With just a couple of clicks, find jobs in companies at preferred locations. You can also share your CV with peers and get recommended by them. Really, looking for a job and getting placed has never been more fun and fruitful.

Engineering jobs for engineers only – truly, a platform for engineers of the future built by the engineers of change – welcome – and whether you’re looking for a job, or looking to hire a handful of bright engineering minds, we wish you well.

ibridgejobs For Engineering Companies - latest engineer jobs

As a company, hiring the right kind of engineers for your business’ requirements is of utmost importance to just about any engineering company.Approaching this fact and approaching it well, we’ve made the ‘Employers’ section on our site as user-friendly and relevant as possible. All you need to do is register your company with us and start posting your requirements to gain access to a large pool of engineering graduates looking for engineering jobs. You can use our advanced filters to zero in on potential employees based on their grades, the areas they reside in, the colleges they studied at and more.

Find your kind of engineer with a minimum amount of effort and assign tests for applying candidates. With everything in place, check your inbox for engineering graduates who have matched your requirements and aced your tests – set up interviews with them and hire accordingly.

ibridgejobs For Engineering Colleges - it engineer job

Partnering with more than 300 engineering colleges all over the country, we’re the catalysts of change.

As an engineering college, work with us to get your student force ready for the challenges that lie in getting a core-engineering job and excelling at it. From software engineering and mechanical engineering to electrical engineering and chemical engineering, we’re here to make a difference across all streams of engineering and we can only do it together. Talk to us for more details on how we can help.