Difficulties faced by Engineering Graduates

09/01/2021 Author: Kavya

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

In the present world, every year millions of engineering students are getting graduated from many engineering colleges. Because of this demand and supply of engineers are being imbalanced. Prolonged unemployment has become an unmanageable issue, tormenting the engineering sector with less number of freshers software jobs in Bangalore. But, one of the main reasons for this tenacious problem of unemployment amongst young engineers is that there are a large number of engineering graduates in the country.

Demand versus supply the basic rule of economics applies here. The supply of engineering graduates has exceeded far than the demand (number of engineering jobs). So thousands of engineering students face an unpredictable future by the time they graduate. Due to a lack of jobs, many engineers usually get into professions that have very little to do with engineering like bank PO, school teacher, BPO, etc. 

Here are some of the difficulties faced by engineering students after graduation to get jobs through top it job consultancy in Bangalore.

Competition - Few jobs and many graduates

If you have graduated from a top engineering college with a good percentage degree, it's usual that you feel on top of the world and you will be ready to choose and pick your dream job. But in reality, you are one among many in the same boat. Even though you think that you would be the best for a particular role, many think the same. So you must differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd and ensure that your resume is in the top 5-10% of all resumes. A single mistake made can make a lot of difference. It recruitment consultancy in Bangalore will help you make your resume stand out amongst many others.

The downturn in the economy

We all usually hear about the global financial situation and its impact on slow economic growth and rising unemployment. But sadly this is the situation which new graduates see themselves facing when looking for a job. The only solution for this is staying patient and increasing the efforts into the job search. During the process, you may have to face difficulties and also feel that the whole world is against you but continue determination and confidence. 

Choosing between higher education and job search

Engineering graduates often find it difficult to choose between higher education and getting freshers software jobs in Bangalore. Continuing studies and getting a higher degree can bring you greater results in the long term and help you distinguish yourself aside from other graduates. On the other hand, it's better to start working to get real-life experience of learning in the job.

Lack of real-world experience

It is important to have work experience even as an intern during your final year of graduation. This helps the students to get a real-world experience and plan out career accordingly by mastering the skills in the latest technologies to get placed in one of the top companies. A previous work experience is always a plus point in getting into the desired job which you dreamed of. For getting a suitable job a top it job consultancy in Bangalore will be your best option to choose.

Many other difficulties are being faced by the engineering graduates apart from these. It's important to face the hurdles and choose the right career path for a bright future ahead.

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