We are a job portal that automatically match your profile with the jobs using our advance matching algorithm. The postal also allows you to change the search criteria to match your kind of companies. For employers it is platform where you could post your jobs and also determine the kind of candidates you require by using our unique filter options. Employers are also allowed to choose the colleges from where you are looking for candidates, area of candidates residence, skillsets etc. Our focus is to provide jobs or Internship to fresh engineers in core engineering companies.
It's easy. Once your register, you will be asked to update your profile, by simply adding information you will create an automated CV and then by using advance filter option you could Type in the kind of job you're looking for (e.g. 'designer') and where you want to work location (e.g. 'Bangalore'). You could also set the field radius like within 50 kilometer from you residence or current address. You can see the number of openings reducing as you increase your filter on the right hand side.
Employers are registered with us and they are allowed to post jobs directly on our site
With just once registering you will be able to see matching core engineering jobs in your inbox. Our portal allows you to change the filters as many time as you require to fetch you the relevant job.
Yes, use our Advanced Filter to refine your search criteria. You can limit your search by occupation, industry, job title, employer or change the geographic area of your search.
No, we want more freshers job opportunities to be posted by the employers. Hence we are keeping the posting free.
Solely based on relevance to your search query. No human beings are involved in determining the order of search results. Nor can employers pay to have their jobs listed first. We're a search engine, not a job board.
Yes, our Advanced Filter lets you search in over 80 occupational categories. For simple keyword searches, Ibridgejobs will also suggest broader categories when it can infer your occupation
Yes, use our Advanced Filter to find new jobs according to an employer's primary industry. You can also filter by employer name or job title, and in other interesting ways
Ibridgejobs recognizes common misspellings and will suggest the correct search term. It also catches common errors in job qualifications you might search.
No, our registration format is designed in such a way that the information you provide while registering is enough to create a fresher CV. You are allowed only to upload your photo and portfolio (if any).
On our homepage at employers zone, you can always read a short description of an employer's operations by running your cursor over the employer's name. This non-commercial description is written by our editors to help you decide whether to investigate their job opportunities further.
That's a short extract from the employer's job posting. Click the job title to read the full listing.
Until shortly after the job posting expires (if a deadline date was included) or 30 days, whichever is earlier.
Yes, it's easy and takes only a few seconds. Start by doing a filter on ibridgejobs. At the end of your filter results, you'll see a link that says 'Email Notification'. Click this link and follow the instructions. Whenever there's a new job that matches your search criteria, we'll let you know by email. You can set up multiple email notifications. You can also use our Advanced Filter to refine your search before creating a notification. Each time you receive an email notification, you'll have an opportunity to cancel the alert. After your notification period expires, your email address is purged from our system.
We're always interested in new ideas. Contact us.
Not as yet, but we will be exploring the opportunities soon.
Ibridgejobs connects candidates directly to employers.